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Apr 16, 2015

A better-informed parent makes for a healthier child. It’s this same idea that guided the latest updates to our site; we wanted to make a comprehensive information center for all of your child’s healthcare needs. From bug bites to bedtime habits to billing questions and everything in between we’ve loaded our site with the tips and information you need for a happier healthier child and easier visits.

Plan Your Visit

A lot happens during your regular well-child visits. We check growth and progress, administer vaccines, take vitals, and give you information about the coming stage of your child’s development. Each visit has different requirements and different questions. To keep you informed about what you can expect during your next visit, we’ve developed a “Plan Your Visit” page that outlines exactly what you need to bring, what forms you’ll need to complete, and what you’ll be doing at your next visit.

Insurance & Billing

“Why was I charged a co-pay for my last well visit?” “What insurance carriers do you accept?” “What’s considered a pre-existing condition?” These are many of common questions we hear on a weekly basis. To help you find the answers to these questions quickly, we’ve developed a new Insurance & Billing section that covers everything from accepted payments to financial policies to a glossary of common insurance and billing terms.

Pediatric Health Topics

Whether this is your first child or your fifth, you’ll have lots of questions. And as you can probably guess, not every question requires an office visit. To save you the trouble of scheduling an appointment, and to quickly give you the information you need about the health of your child, we’ve developed a comprehensive Pediatric Health Topics section. We have common medical conditions, dosage charts of common cold and flu medicine, what you can expect with infants and teens, even helpful tips with how to deal with mild behavioral issues. If you can’t find your answer there, feel free to contact us and talk with our knowledgeable staff.

We’ve always prided ourselves on providing families with the most current pediatric information to they can make better decisions about their children’s health. And now, our website supports this goal. We encourage you to explore all of the new updates and see just what it means when we say “A Patient-Centered Approach for Your Center of Attention.”

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