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Dr. Klitzman

Nov 03, 2016

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Pirate Pediatrics crew. Dr. Page Klitzman, a Pediatric Clinical Psychologist, joined Pirate Pediatrics at the end of October. Dr. Klitzman recently completed a Fellowship in pediatric clinical psychology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the Pediatric Psychology Consultation Program. Originally from Durham, NC, Dr. Klitzman is enjoying her move to Greenville.

At Pirate Pediatrics, we are constantly pursuing ways to improve the quality of care we provide. We strongly believe physical and mental health affect each other. In traditional models of medical care, mental health is treated separately from physical health. At Pirate Pediatrics, we strive to treat the whole patient. To have a healthy body is to have a healthy mind. Integrating mental health with physical health can be accomplished with the help of Dr. Klitzman. By having a psychological and behavioral specialist in-house, we hope to provide more well-rounded and integrated care to best fit the individual needs of our patients and families.

Dr. Klitzman hopes to provide an emphasis on the behavioral and emotional aspects of caring for children and adolescents. She said “there is often a connection between physical, behavioral, and emotional health”. She has a special interest in our patient population, stating children are “so honest and experience the world in such a genuine way” and are “incredibly resilient in more difficult times”. Her expertise will allow our providers to further augment both the daily and long-term services we provide.

The addition of Dr. Klitzman to our staff will expedite access to specialized care. Her close relationship with our providers will facilitate communication and an integrated approach when devising a patient’s care plan. Her presence will accelerate the referral process and allow for more prompt follow-up appointments. We agree with Dr. Klitzman’s statement that “if care from a pediatrician and pediatric psychologist is all in one location, the services are more easily accessible to families”. Her expertise covers many appointment types including ADHD, feeding difficulties, low mood, anxiety, tantrums, sleep difficulties, constipation, pill swallowing, fears and phobias .

For more information on scheduling an appointment with Dr. Klitzman, call Pirate Pediatrics at 252-364-8790. At Pirate Pediatrics, we are excited to have the opportunity to integrate mental health with physical health in order to provide improved quality and compassionate care for the whole patient. This is yet another way Pirate Pediatrics creates a patient-centered approach for your center of attention.


By Anna Stephenson

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