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It’s natural to feel nervous when having a baby. 
With Pirate Pediatrics, you can leave your worries behind!

Welcome, Baby! 

Our free "Navigating Newborns" class for expectant parents is filled with valuable guidance to prepare you for life after your baby's arrival. 

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After your baby arrives, we'll welcome you in the comfort of our office to get to know your family. 

We'll monitor your baby's growth with weight checks, address feeding concerns  and create a footprint tile  together. 
Tongue tie? We can help with that too!  

Before & After Birth

The Top 5 Questions Every Parent Asks 

Beginning your parenting journey? Our helpful guide boosts confidence from the start!
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Newborn Wonders:

SUpportive Services

Feeding With Confidence: 

Caring for a new baby can be challenging, especially when it comes to feeding. Because feeding is a unique experience for every family, we provide personalized support with a customized feeding plan. Having experts like us, with first-hand experience in both breastfeeding and bottle feeding, is invaluable. You can find more resources here or on our social media. With our support, you'll feel confident feeding your little one and watching them grow with peace of mind!

Your Expert Guides with Real-Life Know-How!

Releasing Tongue Ties:

Here’s what our parents are saying...

“Oh wow! I can actually see the difference!! That is so amazing!”

- Brandi H.

“He is latching more deeply now. It doesn’t hurt anymore. Thank you so much!!” 

- Amanda L.

“She’s really going to gain weight now!”

- Brian G.

A tongue tie occurs when the skin under your baby's tongue, called the frenulum, is shorter than usual. It limits tongue movement, which can cause problems with feeding, growing, and talking.

Give Yourself the Gift of Painless Feeding

But here's the fantastic news:

We have a simple and fast way to make it better right in our office! 

Releasing the tongue tie as an infant can make feeding more comfortable and prevent speaking challenges.  Act early! You'll notice the difference right away.

Checking Jaundice: 

Newborns often have their heels pricked, but we use painless equipment to check jaundice with immediate results.

We closely monitor jaundice levels for your baby's health and your peace of mind.

Needle-free and oh-so-easy!

Nurturing your Baby’s Circumcision

Deciding on circumcision for your baby can be a tough choice. Some parents consider appearance, while others consider potential health benefits.

Healing with Love: 

No matter what you choose, we're here to support you in caring for your baby and helping you feel confident as a parent. 

If you want to talk before your baby arrives, schedule a free prenatal visit. We’re delighted to help!

Sparkle & Style Ear Piercing 

After your baby's first vaccines, have their ears pierced by skilled medical professionals in a clean, private space. Our hypoallergenic titanium earrings come in individual sterile packages, with numbing cream available for comfort. The piercing includes titanium earrings in gold or silver, aftercare instructions, and cleansing wipes.

This one-of-a-kind experience is for our patients and the entire community!

Piercing Precious Ears:

Ready to sparkle with style?

Tiny Feet, Big Welcome

Stepping Into Our Family:

When your baby visits us for the first time, something exciting happens!

We create a precious footprint tile. With over 2,000 newborn footprints adorning our walls, they symbolize love and joy. Join us behind the scenes to witness the creation of these special treasures and add your little one's footprint to our ever-growing family!

Streamline your first visit by completing the New Patient Orientation Guide at home. With paperwork out of the way, you can focus entirely on your baby. Bring it with you for a hassle-free experience.

Before your first visit...

Promptly enroll your newborn in an insurance plan. Selecting Pirate Pediatrics as your Primary Care Provider (PCP) can lead to lower or no costs for visits. For further assistance, contact your insurance plan administrator.

If your newborn will be covered by Medicaid, you will need to select a Prepaid Health Plan. We partner with Healthy Blue and WellCare.

Add your newborn to your insurance asap...

Call us before you leave the hospital...

Contact Pirate Pediatrics to schedule your baby's first appointment. Remember to have your baby's Medical Record Number handy.

A Few Little Reminders:

Once you’ve chosen Pirate Pediatrics, you can relax and enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy knowing you're in great hands.

Appointment Policies

Preventative Visits Required: 

At Pirate Pediatrics, we adhere to the Bright Futures/AAP guidelines for Preventive Pediatric Health Care. These regular visits are essential for your child's overall health, covering growth, development, dental care, vaccinations, and parenting support. 

Explore our New Patient Orientation Guide for more details. 


We follow the CDC vaccine schedule. Learn more about our vaccine policy here

Appointment Reminders: 

Pirate Pediatrics provides appointment reminders as a courtesy, but they are not guaranteed. Please note your appointment details when scheduling. Verify your correct phone number and opt into notifications.

Behavior/Missed Appointments/Late Cancellations: 

We commit to being respectful, and we hope you'll be kind too. We save a time just for you, so please be mindful of others waiting. If you can't make it, notify us at least 24 business hours in advance. Click here for details on canceling or missing appointments here

After Hours: 

Our team works hard for you, even after regular hours, but we need rest to provide excellent care. For non-urgent requests, use the patient portal. Find 24/7 health info in our Resources. Walk-in appointments available Monday to Friday at 8 AM. 

Call us at night for urgent matters only. If you need help when our office is closed, opt for a virtual visit to avoid urgent care or the Emergency Department. For big emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department for quick help.

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Welcoming a new baby can be overwhelming.

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Existing Patients 

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