At Pirate Pediatrics, we’re your place for everything you need to keep your child healthy and happy. 

We're by your side every step of the way so you can feel confident about your child's health.

Think of us as your go-to team.

Getting Help When You Need It: Problem Focused Visits 

For quick problems like pink eye, ear pain, or a sore throat, come in without an appointment Monday to Friday starting at 8 AM. Limited walk-ins available. For ongoing problems, schedule an appointment.

Early Morning Walk-In: 

 For urgent visits requiring additional time, such as wheezing and coughing, contact us early. We'll schedule you for the same day, either in person or through a virtual visit.

Same-Day Appointments: 

If you can’t make it to our office, don’t worry! Request a virtual visit. We can help you with nearly everything.

Virtual Visits: 

 We're here for all your needs, from tummy troubles to school concerns. Parents are welcome to come alone so they can focus without distractions.


 Use the patient portal to complete your pre-check-in remotely.

For Scheduled Appointments:

Nurturing Newborns 

We help babies grow strong and support moms with feeding. If there's a tongue tie, we can help with that too.

When you begin with us, we’ll create a footprint tile to welcome you to our family.

We care for newborns right from the start!

 24 months 
30 months 
3 years 
4 years 

6 months 
9 months 
12 months 
15 months 
18 months 

1 week 
1 month 
2 months 
4 months 
6 months 
9 months 
12 months 
15 months 
18 months 
24 months 
30 months 
3 years 
4 years 

Here's a simple schedule to remember: 

Elevate your visits with Pirate Pediatrics!

We prioritize your child's health with regular check-ups for growth & milestones, dental care, vaccines, sports physicals and more. Before your visit, complete forms electronically through CHADIS to save you time. 

Receive a complimentary book at each check-up until age five! Reading together is not only fun, but also helps you connect with your child and prepare them for school.

We start early with oral care, providing fluoride varnish treatments and dental health guidance. Our products have clean ingredients and include toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and everything you need for cavity-free teeth, whether tiny or with braces.

Preventative Visits

Keeping Your Kiddo Healthy:

Ongoing Health Support 

Receive specialized care for your child's unique needs, from physical conditions like acne, asthma, allergies, and eczema to mental and behavioral health concerns such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, and depression. We focus on their health and happiness, nurturing both mind and body.

Staying Strong Together:

Our skilled medical professionals perform medical-grade ear piercing in a clean, private setting. Our titanium earrings guarantee safety, perfect for those with nickel allergies.

Each earring is individually packaged and sterile, available in gold or silver, with the option of numbing cream for added comfort. Plus, you'll receive aftercare instructions and cleansing wipes.

Experience the ultimate in safe and hygienic ear piercing!

This one-of-a-kind experience isn’t just for our patients;
it’s for the whole community!

Here's the big deal...

Your child will not only feel great, but they will sparkle with style! 

Sparkle & Style Ear Piercing 

With an inexpensive ear camera at home, we can assist with ear troubles too. Remember to use Google Chrome for computer access and ensure strong Wi-Fi for smartphones or tablets. Having the Anytime Pediatrics app downloaded and your child registered saves time and money compared to urgent care or the ER. Experience easy, convenient care for your child; pre-register and download the app today! Use practice code 8790.

Whether it's rashes, colds, or behavioral concerns like ADHD, anxiety, or depression, we can help with most anything remotely.

Virtual Pediatric Care Anywhere, Anytime

Stay Healthy, Stay Home:

Virtual Visits

How to Log On for an On Demand Visit

Learn how to log on for an on demand virtual visit with Pirate Pediatrics.

How to Start a Scheduled Visit

Learn how to log on for a scheduled visit with Pirate Pediatrics, including how to upload a picture for your child’s visit.

How to Start a Scheduled Visit

Telemedicine Parent Tutorial Video

Learn how to download the Anytime Pediatrics app, register and request a visit with Pirate Pediatrics.

  • Tongue tie release
  • Ear piercing 
  • Wound repair 
  • Removal of stitches 
  • Wart removal 
  • Removal of ear wax, splinters, foreign objects 
  • Abscess treatment
  • Nosebleed care & prevention
  • … and more!


  • ADHD 
  • Anxiety 
  • Autism 
  • Depression 
  • OCD 
  • ODD


Mind & Body

  • Acne 
  • Asthma 
  • Allergies 
  • Special needs 
  • Mental health 
  • Behavioral & emotional health
  • Learning challenges
  • Concussion evaluations

Special Care

  • Growth
  • Development
  • Dental care
  • Vaccines 
  • Nutrition 
  • Labs 
  • Hearing 
  • Vision 
  • Literacy 
  • Mental heath screenings 
  • Sports physicals

Keeping Kiddos Healthy

  • Feeding Support
  • Jaundice check-no needles! 
  • Weight and growth
  • Circumcision care 
  • Footprint tile 
  • Tongue tie correction 


Nurturing Newborns

Quick Problem Solvers

  • Early morning walk-in
  • Same day visits
  • Virtual visits
  • Scheduled appointments
  • After hours & weekend virtual visits 
  • Rapid in office lab tests for COVID, flu, RSV, strep, UTI, and more 

See Pirate Pediatrics for:

Appointments are available during regular hours, same day, or after hours. Use the Anytime Pediatrics app with code 8790; use Chrome on desktop.

To request a virtual appointment during office hours, send a portal message.

For virtual visits after hours & weekends, call the office and leave a request on the after-hours line.

Virtual Appointments: Anytime, Anywhere!

Outside of our regular office hours, we're here to support your child's health needs while also saving you time and money. Call us for advice or schedule a video visit to avoid urgent care or hospital visits.

After Hours Sick Care:

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Saturday: virtual appointments 
Sunday: virtual appointments 

In Office Appointment Hours:

Appointment Days & Hours

 Use the patient portal to complete your pre-check-in remotely.

For Scheduled Appointments:

Appointment Policies

Preventative Visits Required: 

At Pirate Pediatrics, we adhere to the Bright Futures/AAP guidelines for Preventive Pediatric Health Care. These regular visits are essential for your child's overall health, covering growth, development, dental care, vaccinations, and parenting support.

Explore our New Patient Orientation Guide for more details. 


We follow  the CDC schedule for vaccines. Learn more about our vaccine policy here

Appointment Reminders: 

Pirate Pediatrics provides appointment reminders as a courtesy, but they are not guaranteed. Please note your appointment details when scheduling. Verify your correct phone number and opt into notifications.

Behavior/Missed Appointments/Late Cancellations: 

We commit to being respectful, and we hope you'll be kind too. We save a time just for you, so please be mindful of others waiting. If you can't make it, notify us at least 24 business hours in advance. Click here for details on canceling or missing appointments here

After Hours: 

Our team works hard for you, even after regular hours, but we need rest to provide excellent care. For non-urgent requests, use the patient portal. Find 24/7 health info in our Resources. Walk-in appointments available Monday to Friday at 8 AM. 

Call us at night for urgent matters only. If you need help when our office is closed, opt for a virtual visit to avoid urgent care or the Emergency Department. For big emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Department for quick help.

Existing Patients 

Schedule a visit today and you can stop worrying about your child’s health. Instead, you can feel confident and peaceful.  

If you’re ready for specialized and supportive healthcare, join Pirate Pediatrics! Fill out a new patient interest form to get started. 

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