Parenting is a journey that comes with challenges, but it's a journey you shouldn't have to navigate alone.

With Pirate Pediatrics, you have a partner every step of the way. 


We’re here to help you and your child in many ways: 

Quick Problem Solvers

Keeping Your Kiddo Healthy

Special Care

Taking Care of Their Minds and Hearts

Sparkle & Style Ear Piercing

At Pirate Pediatrics, our personalized care values and supports you, so you can feel confident and peaceful with your child’s health.


Welcoming a new baby can be overwhelming. Before your baby arrives, we'll show you around and answer your questions.

You can join our free "Navigating Newborns" class for expectant parents, packed with valuable guidance to empower you to be the parent you've always dreamed. 

After your baby arrives, we'll meet in our office to bond, understand your family's needs, and create a footprint tile together. We'll monitor your baby's growth with weight checks and address any feeding concerns. Tongue tie? We can help with that too!

ODD...  & more!






Parenting brings unexpected challenges, especially when your child faces emotional or behavioral difficulties. Our expert team creates a personalized plan for your child's mind and body. 

MIND, Body, & Behavioral